flat gaps

Momentarily disappointing but it wasn’t all that bad. Look like we’ll be back in business by the end of the week.

I have one more post of old stuff and then the post with the stuff that recently happened and then I’ll probably be mostly caught up for awhile. So yes in the possible near future I will be caught up and back to posting new things. I think. It does look like the next few weeks will be pretty fun filled so there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll get backlogged almost immediately.

Having said all of that here is the Arizona post. There’s not really a ton of skating or food pictures. Mostly just photos I enjoyed. Almost all of it is film. There’s some other post’s with similar awesomeness you can cross-reference, Nick P’s Flickr Set and Ryan’s post on Dude Life as well as the accompanying video. There’s also this video I put up a few weeks ago. Alright let’s get to it.

For most posts people still tell me there’s too much food or too much skating or too much art. This is all Arizona. Not really skating, just pictures I dug. These first few photos came back with some type of odd photo paper melting.

the light does leak

These were shot with a Holga. I scanned them in in sets of 2. You can click on these to see the enlarged version with the 2 photos together. I really like how this looks with the portraits.

arizona gets erie

This is my third year getting away to the southwest during the winter and it’s always a good rejuvenating vacation.


Tiring but rejuvenating. I probably skate more then than I will all year (all day every day for the whole trip)

kodak coming through the film


Charlie - 2011 AZ Trip

As Eraserhead?

Charlie - 2011 AZ Trip

Nate as Spicoli?

Nate - 2011 AZ Trip

A rare moment not skating or spacephoning.

Nate - 2011 AZ Trip

Nick looking slick.

Nick K - 2011 AZ Trip

I need to head out to the east coast and pay him a visit.

Nick K - 2011 AZ Trip

Nick P used to live here.

Nick P - 2011 AZ Trip

He also lived in Philly and Portland. He’s lived a bunch of awesome places. I don’t think he could farm in the desert.

Nick P - 2011 AZ Trip

Ryan was injured.

Ryan - 2011 AZ Trip

He still shredded, filmed, snapped photos, drank beer and generally brought the Dude Life.

Ryan - 2011 AZ Trip

Todd caught up with us on the second day of the trip.

Todd - 2011 AZ Trip

His first run in the Tempe bowl was equally sketchy and amazing.

Todd - 2011 AZ Trip

Me, finally fulfilling my life long goal of looking like GSD in Seed Freaks.

Tim - 2011 AZ Trip

Weird. The Wedge.

Weirdness at the Wedge

Ryan bluntslide over the the bench.

Ryan Bluntslide at El Mirage

We only got to enjoy El Mirage once.

Ryan Bluntslide at El Mirage

Charlie with a frontsmith.

Charlie - smith grind - El Mirage

Smith grinds are the best. I think eventually Suck Luck will be nothing but smith grind photos.

Charlie - smith grind - El Mirage


Pecos - AZ 2011

Nick P front D.

Nick P - Front D - Pecos

We got to see Scott and that’s always a treat.

Scott Gall - Smith Grind - Pecos

Remember what I said early about smith photos?

Scott Gall - Smith Gring Pecos

I’m looking forward to rolling around with Scott some time this summer.

Scott Gall - AZ 2011

Recent Parking Block zinester and all around awesome guy , Brad Wescott. I hope he makes it out here this summer.

Brad Wescott - AZ 2011

Same thing goes for Tim. I’m really inspired by his soda bet. No soda for a whole year! Now he’s working on another year. I’m not sure I could do it.

Tim Ward - AZ 2011

I’m equally as sad about his recent string of bad luck.(board and camera stolen) Thanks for the szechuans! I hope we get to shred soon.

Tim Ward - AZ 2011

This day was initially a rain out but we went here and had one a real solid roll around. Simple dry curb spot.

rainy day garage spot

I’d like to get something like this going in the city. I’m keeping my eye out. Let me know if you see any possibilities.

rainy day garage spot

Balancing act.

Brad balancing in Arizona

Sun shower.

Brad balancing in Arizona

That’s the end of the Holga pictures. 99% of the rest of these are Lomo shots. Here’s some dudes living. Heading towards things that are awesome.

Dude Living in AZ

My fascinations don’t change.

single flight AZ

I could travel halfway around the world and some of the shots would look like this.

Arizona frequency


Sweet Crew 2011

Truck dogs living happily.

Arizona Truck dogs

Crushing an In N Out burger. Good? Certainly. I’d still take Birchwood or Lincoln Carryouts for my death bed burger.

Tim at In N Out

This kid couldn’t wait to escape the skatepark.

Escaping the skatepark for some odd reason

Nick P did an admirable job of capturing the skatecation.

Nick P documenting our tri

The starbucks is now gone.

the starbucks is gone


Boards in Arizona

The band Journey?

Journey talks like


more planes and clouds

Todd in a desert windstorm.

Todd in the windstorm


Birding in Arizona

The Nicks at the North Ditch.

the Nicks at the North Ditch

Nate noseblunting.

Nate Noseblunting, Charlie behind the camera


North Ditch up close 1


North Ditch up close 2

Great spot. Not as easy as you imagine.

North Ditch setting sun


Dude HQ - Arizona outpost

My favorite.

banked yellow curb - so fun

I didn’t capture the double rainbow. There might have even been a triple.

downtown Phoenix rainbowing

Brad. Front Blunt. I love how this came out.

Brad front blunt - garage

Like I said, I’m on the look out for something similar in Chicago.

rain curbs

We skated there for a few hours and no one bothered us. Eventually a dude about our age rolled through solo and got down to some serious curb dogging. It was personally inspiring.

AZ lurking

It was too wet to hit this but I’m betting it’ll develop into something. There was also a double parking block set up. I’m adding this to the list for next year.

New spot that's progressing

The rain outs were pretty brutal. A few times we drove to a park got of the van and rolled around for 5 minutes and then it got drenched.

Todd Rained out at Tempe

One the final day there was some pinballing. Charlie pretty much won on his first ball. He got a free game and some Del Taco.

Charlie - Pinball Champion

Until next winter. Where will that end up? Portland? Washington? New Mexico? Austin? Boston? Oh wait Boston will be covered in snow.

Go everyway always

A few photos from home that were on the rolls.


Flammable material.

flammable bike

Constant transit.



Lawrence heading south

Next week blizzard photos.

Maybe later this week if it snows and I’m relegated to the indoors.