see the sun in wintertime

Weather: Starting to reach my winter breaking point.

This is the first time in the last 22 years where I considered not living in Chicago for the rest of my life. I’m at that point in winter where there’s nothing but dirty snow and salt on the sidewalks and one day a week it’s warm but not really warm and the rest of the time the wind punches you in the chest. In 2 or 3 weeks we should be thawed out but until then it’s pretty hard leaving the house.

Something I will leave the house for is the Party Downer’s this Thursday at the Burlington. I put together this informative flyer to encourage attendance.

Party Downers flyer

Here are some things that happened from a time when winter was mild and picturesque.

uptown snow

Between occasional excursions to museums and the zoo I’ve mainly been at home trying to work on new projects and get organized for the spring.

downtown snow

There’s also been a lot of family visits but everyone is now safely back in their parts of the world.


Look for farecard shirts in the next week or two. Hand-screened, good quality Ts, reasonably priced.

Open Hole

Back in January a bunch of us headed down to Austin to get outside a bit.

sweet crew 2015

Every year the crew is slightly different. Some of these dudes I only see during this trip every year.

sweet crew 2015

It’s always an awesome group and everyone seems to have the best time ever.

get n high n da hoes house

Charlie and Nate have been doing these for a long time.

possible crime scene

I think this was my 6th one.

tim and nick

In those 6 years I’ve learned a couple things that I’m going to share here.

suhail filming

These are long days with hours and hours of skating and driving to skate and more skating so get a good crew.

tim smith

To get a good crew you gotta do your part and be a good traveler.

sky x austin

Be patient.

sky x austin2

You’re going to end up at a park you don’t like or spot that sucks and somebodies going to want to try a trick till they make it but who cares. You’re on vacation. If you don’t like where you’re at just be a patient. There’s always another park or spot in a few hours and by then you’ll be rested and ready to rip. You can also help film or text your girlfriend and take a nap in the sun.


Don’t blow yourself out. It’s a long trip so there’s no need to try and learn miller flips right off the plane.

tim baldwin

Planning helps. If you can make a good Google map with spots and parks you can connect the dots and find a ditch that’s down the street to hit on the way to lunch.

tim pigott

Know a local or if you don’t just ask one. I’ve always have great experiences being open and friendly and just asking people.

solid crew in austin

Try and remember that when you get back home and go the extra mile when someone from out town asks you. Tell them about a good street spot and where they can get some cheap tacos.



jesse reflected

All the time.


Get slap happy and overtired and makes some jokes and get into some weird experiences and laugh about it till it’s hard to breathe.

tim frontside

Listen to the local radio. It’s fine to have an ipod for most of it but see what weirdness they got on radio. There’s not as much regional difference anymore but blasting a little pop nonsense shakes things up a bit.

nate over the pipe

Try and get a hotel with free breakfast.

nate over the pipe 2

The coffee won’t be great but there’s usually fruit and cereal and a bunch of weird businessmen lurking around.

austin sky

There’s also usually a cutoff when they take the food away so it helps get you up and out the door.

nick p kickflip

A pool and/or hot tub are also top notch.

zack fs ollie

Eat well.

austin nights

Snack often.

austin days

Overeat somewhere local at least once or twice.

nick p

Try a local beer.

nick p front 5

Or several.

tyler - tailslide

Take lots of pictures.

jesse front smith

I think that’s it.

zack back smith

As you can see we did what we could.

charlie nosegrind

Skated plenty of parks.

sweet crew

And ditches.


Filmed some stuff.

last day

Generally had a lot of fun.

ditch sesh

I’m already looking forward to next year.


Keep sweet crew weird!

nick and derek

Back home.


This is the latest and greatest and I couldn’t be happier. The first beer of 2015 features cascade, mosaic and nelson sauvin hops and kolsch yeast and in my opinion it’s the best thing I’ve brewed so far. Get some before it’s all gone.

2015 - batch 1

And winter continues.

steps in the snow

One day we will forget what cold was.