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Warm enough to skate tomorrow. That’s something.

So after a few trips, a hundred Friday night roll arounds, a million awesome times, laughs and Ba Le lunches, this year’s episode of Farecard is done and premiering on CANTV 19 Monday, December 1st at 10:30pm.

Here are some links to the last 2 if you need a refresher.
2012 | 2013

Farecard Chicago 2014 Skateboarding

The additional dates mentioned in the flyer:

– Saturday, December 13th | 9:30am
– Friday, December 26th | 9:30pm
– Sunday, December 28th | 11:30am
– Sunday, December 28th | 4:30pm

After that a limited number of dvds will be available as part of the annual December holiday mailing. If you want to get on that holiday mailing list send me an email.

It will be online in a month or two but I’d recommend trying to see it on TV if you can. Make some chili in the slow cooker and get your crew together.

I have pictures, links and other nonsense that I’ll post in the next few weeks.

Thanks again to everyone involved and who supported and worked on this years edition. High-fives all around!