Full Metal Lurk

Springish, rain storms alternating with breezy clear skys and a sunset that blinds you.

Heard from this gentleman who makes pictures and hands them out. He does 5150ish and was nice enough to put up a link for me. I’m working on his trade, and something special for this Jamie from Portugal and everyone elses. By the end of the month I’ll have mailed out 15 packages. I’ll probably miss that self-imposed deadline so look for pictures when everything gets sent. Until then just photo’s and friend art.

I want to be a conductor

I took a few days off from work because my family was going to be in town. Saw this back home in Indiana. I think those are going to a prison or some sort of government works location.

It was warm and in the upper 60s on Thursday and everyone had the same question, “playing hookey from work?” If I didn’t already have the day off I probably would’ve called in sick. I saw Nicholas Peterson who makes very wonderful pictures. This one is my favorite.(click for full)

Nicholas Peterson

He’s going to be selling his stuff at the Empty Bottle craft shindig sometime in the future. He can’t remember when.

I got to spend a good amount of time with niece and nephew’s over the last few days. Here’s me and the youngest.


No pancakes this week.

two thousand tons of tnt

Starting to come around
Strolling on an empty beach
This week – Supposedly it’s going to be in the 60’s. That’s what they say but they say a lot.

Lot’s of good things happened this week. I got a package full of pens from South Dakota and Polly of Paperbullet was nice enough to feature me on the So and So Show.

Saturday I spent the morning waiting for Mark at Wilson. There’s always strange graffiti at the park. It’ll stay up for a few days and then the truck will come and spray it off with a high pressure hose and some odd powder. That powder makes everything real slippery and squirlley. I enjoy most graff and street art and what have you but nothing good ever show’s up at Wilson. Sure there’s some odd stuff. My favorites so far? “Seahorsin’ Around” with a picture of a seahorse in the bowl and “Neon Gold.” If something was neon and gold, I think it’d be pretty hard to look at. I guess that’s how you’d describe Vegas, neon gold. Here’s the new stuff from Saturday.

unitelligible slangin'

Mark showed up and we went to Burnham.

Sunday, I got to meet my nephew for the first time. No pictures of him because he was serious, and a bit jet lagged from the trip around the world. He’s pretty awesome. We took him to the dunes.


It was clear enough you could see the city across the lake.

distant home

US Steel. I don’t swim in Lake Michigan anymore.
everyone's dad used to work here

No new pictures upped this week, everything is in progress. I’m packing a good amount of packages to mail out but that will probably be put off until the family returns to thier respective homes. I took a few extra days off. It’s going to feel like an 8 day weekend.

Raise your glass.