Arrival of the 70’s. I saw a gang of rabbits an hour ago.

Skating and drawing when I can. Working when I have to. I added a new puzzle to the tinker section. Please visit and let me know what you think. Sunday night we had Chicago family lasagne dinner. I think it cooked for 7 hours.

Tomorrow the first batch of mail gets sent. I’ll post everything after it arrives so the recipients can be suprised. For now here’s a few pictures from the weekend.

I don't take the good photoemulsions
This kid skated all the way to wilson and ten minutes later..

Monday I walked over to hear Raymon Pettibone lecture. I showed up early but not early enough to avoid the longass winding line. I figure he probably said something like, “if you want to draw well, draw.” So I walked to the train, took these tourist shots, went home and worked on pictures.

I think this is something but it's kinda overgrown
I like the tree

Nicholas Peterson and his ladyfriend will be selling good stuff here on Saturday so drop by and buy something. It always feels better spending money when you know it’s going to support people who are being creative and putting thier stuff out there for the world.

At the moment I got new shoes on and “Come on Petunia” whistling on my lips….the roof is on fire.

Full Metal Lurk

Springish, rain storms alternating with breezy clear skys and a sunset that blinds you.

Heard from this gentleman who makes pictures and hands them out. He does 5150ish and was nice enough to put up a link for me. I’m working on his trade, and something special for this Jamie from Portugal and everyone elses. By the end of the month I’ll have mailed out 15 packages. I’ll probably miss that self-imposed deadline so look for pictures when everything gets sent. Until then just photo’s and friend art.

I want to be a conductor

I took a few days off from work because my family was going to be in town. Saw this back home in Indiana. I think those are going to a prison or some sort of government works location.

It was warm and in the upper 60s on Thursday and everyone had the same question, “playing hookey from work?” If I didn’t already have the day off I probably would’ve called in sick. I saw Nicholas Peterson who makes very wonderful pictures. This one is my favorite.(click for full)

Nicholas Peterson

He’s going to be selling his stuff at the Empty Bottle craft shindig sometime in the future. He can’t remember when.

I got to spend a good amount of time with niece and nephew’s over the last few days. Here’s me and the youngest.


No pancakes this week.