All I thought I wanted was a front door

It was humming along nicely until today when the temperature dropped and it started to sleet.

Short post this week. More mail going out tomorrow so I’ll post what I sent next week. Skated with the usual suspects this weekend. Mark was off work so we got to have fun and laugh a lot which always makes a session better.

Stock Photo
I’ve been all around the country riding shotgun with this fellow.

On Sunday we went out to celebrate another old friend’s birthday. He makes the tattoo’s and his wife makes the baby clothes. There a couple of swells. I took this special serious birthday portrait.

We all met at Kuma’s kitchen. They have a giant burger with an egg on it. I know I’m old cause food like that makes me slow and sleepy. That and the 3 Floyd’s Gumball beer. Very fantastic and delicious!
Allison didn’t care for the picture of me in the about section so I switched it. It’s one of the best ones I can think of. Tomorrow we go see Regina Spektor. I’ve had a bunch of dreams lately. Kinda ghosty. Insert haunted organ swell.

Haymarket Holiday

Rain and summer, 80’s and tornados.

Paid my taxes, the former Governor got convicted and I took a skate photo. Friday I visited the grand opening of the Freedom Museum. They had this print sculpture and the most absurd question posted. It made me laugh all weekend. I can’t wait to protest.

Press and Print

How does this make sense?

Saturday at Wilson early. I poached this skate photo. I don’t usually take the ‘action’ pictures but this guy was killing it and the locals in the backgroung watching makes the picture. (click for full-size)

Saturday Sunrise Session

After the morning session I went downtown to meet Tasha. There’s lot’s of good stuff to see if you wander around. I don’t do that enough anymore.


She’s wrapped in lights so it’s gotta look pretty wild at night.

Among the finance buldings

Bank, bank, bank, this building, bank, bank….


We walked over to Garden Fresh and checked out the Thom Lessner exhibit. I really liked the work in the front of the building but I didn’t take any pictures or write down the name. I’m not much of a scholar or journalist. After that we walked around and looked at a few other gallerys. It was near closing time and the employees didn’t care for us so much. I guess they sized up that we weren’t buying. I don’t know if there’s an etiquette to picture taking in the fancy ass ($6000 and you get a DVD and a rock to project it on) gallerys so I snuck these. The rabbits are by Laurie Hogin. I love em. There was a wall of those.

Cock out with your rock out

Woman's Work ! (artist name mispelled on file sorry)

Woman's Work (artist name mispelled on file sorry)

On the way back to the train I paid my respects at the Haymarket Riot Statue.


I added some puzzles and a picture so take a look before you leave.

Porous has been making me smile all Easter long.

We went to Little Vietnam for the holiday. They brought the wrong food so we got to try something new.

Mark finally gets a few days off this week. I’ll be happy to see him. He sent me this yesterday.

Mark Gildersleeve make the wonderful

Stay happy, stay creative and stay alive. Yell when you can.