Fridays are for forgetting

Valentines-late fall, early spring, stand outside and enjoy breathing the air in winter
Thursday-werewolf fog and light persistent rain
Saturday-freeze burn

Whatever happened to that boomerang kid from Mad Max 2?

Before Scott moved he was telling me about a bar by where he was staying. “My neighborhood’s depressing, all yuppies, they give me crazy looks,” something like that. “There’s this bar on the corner and the other day I went by and they had written in chalk on the sign out front ‘friday’s are for forgetting,’ like come in here and get so tanked you forget the job you worked all week.” Sometimes I understand exactly what that sign means. He didn’t because he enjoyed every day.
I think Scott’s in Detroit going to school to be a teacher. I’m not certain. He was nice enough to share some of the art he made when he was living in the Character Warehouse for a project I was trying to get going. Since I didn’t use them at the time I thought I would start this undertaking by presenting them here:

Scott DeGregoris.
“If you’re going to to put anything about them just put energy”

More of Scott’s work in the future.

energy Scott DeGregoris