Saturday and Sunday-
Not too shabby
Monday- First day of spring. Shivering.


Another week, another delicious pancake dinner.

Got the fastest haircut in the universe on Saturday. See the gallery for a new drawing based on that. After that we went to Hot Dougs “The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium.” There’s always a long line and we waited in front of some loud talking furries. I’m fine with all kinds of fetishes but some people feel the need to to broadcast about thier scene on blast. I like sleeping in but I’m not on the train ranting about it every morning. I know,I know, that’s a whole different ball of twine but you get what I’m aiming at. After the wait we got 2 Jennifer Garner’s, 1 Dirk Diggler, 1 large cheese fries, 2 Coke’s, and some free St. Patty’s Day cookies for $11.75.

a light chicago lunch

That night I watched boxing with the Polish guy. It was supposed to be the fight to clear up all the confusion in the heavyweight division. It ended up a draw. Sunday I went to Indiana. Drove down Lake Shore, turned at the World’s Fair statue, then took Stony Island to the Skyway.

the worlds fair?

This creepster was lurking at my Mother-in-law’s.


Don Pendleton’s clothing site is up, so give it a look. I have some buttons available. Email me your address and I’ll put together something fun for you. Allison is on Spring Break. Hopefully I’ll be spending Saturday at Burnham.

Fire insurance for ladybugs

Porch sitting weather. Everywhere I went I saw people kicking back on thier porches. By the end of the evening the sky opened and the rain was furious. Walked home soaked.
Sunday Considerably cooler. Underdressed weather. At night, another lightening shower came out of nowhere. This week there’s talk of more snow. Saturday was just enough spring to keep me happy till it really arrives.

Added a picture to the gallery this week and a puzzle to the puzzles. If it stays cold, I’ll be adding “selected gift cards” to the tinker section. The folks over at the Quiet Life had a camera drawing contest and were nice enough to put me in the honorable mentions, take a peek here to see my entry. Lot’s of good things coming up, some suprises, check back to find out.

Photography by Natasha Gornick

My friend Natasha Gornick takes wonderful pictures. This is one of her old pictures. Ignore the poor framing, and lack of proper hanging. Hung out with her on Saturday and checked out her new work. Mostly fantastic. She really understands making the light work and she gets better. That’s important I figure.

Sunday Capt. Phill had a spring kick-off BBQ session at Wilson and a lot of the usual suspects rolled through. I hung with the neighborhood Alex’s early morning and left after a burger to do laundry.

Beer and Alcohol

St. Patrick’s day is later this week but it was officially celebrated all weekend in Chicago, with the regular parade and the southside parade and the river dyeing. Next week, elections.