pressure cooked

Never trust the weather reports. The other day I based my whole day on a report of rain and watched the sun shine proudly all morning.

Such Luck recently celebrated it’s 4 year anniversary. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helps make this happen. Raise a glass and celebrate.

Here are some important things that you need to know:

Here is the Dude Life graphic I drew up. You can get these at your local liquor store, corner store or from Ryan.

New Dude Life Boards

There’s two new zines by Lou and Nick over at Parking Block, Check them out online or stop by the Chicago ZineFest this Saturday.

Steel Mill on fire

I’m very excited to be a part of the Chicago Alderman Project. The show opens next Friday. Click on the flyer for all the important info. 50 artists, 50 alderman, I have a feeling it’ll be quite a night. Don’t miss it.

Alderman Project

Here are a few things I’m backing:

One of my favorite artists, Mark Penxa, is wrapping up his second round of hockey inspired art. Get your name in and try to win some awesomness.

Michael Patrick Welch has a pygmy goat named Chauncey. I don’t think I should have to say more but if your still not sold consider that he put on a Chuck D interview zine, survived Katrina and teaches rap music to New Orleans kids. Help get his book out.

Finally, Jay Olenik has started BlockHeads! Print Co. Top quality block printed material. Find it at Quimby’s.

Here are the things that happened:

Chris Smith at Antenna

I checked out Chris Smith’s show at Antenna.

Chris Smith at Antenna

Inland Architecture.

Chris Smith at Antenna


Chris Smith at Antenna


Chris Smith at Antenna


Chris Smith at Antenna

Eagle scouting.

Chris Smith at Antenna

Well done!

Sarah Best at Antenna

Sarah Best had some really great instant phone photos up at Antenna as well.

it's dark

I did a bit of wandering.


I visited Pat before he went on vacation.


I found some spots.

beef banks under snow

I saw that the banks are snowed over.

State Street McDs

And that the McD’s spot had been knobbed.



male applicants on state street

I thought about applying.

Big Head Parade

I got caught up in a random parade.

Lawrence Redline

I took the train.

Al Pastor

I had tacos.

Old Style

I had an Old Style.

Snow Patrol at Wilson

There was work to be done.

Snow Patrol at Wilson

They did the work.

That’s pretty much it.

I’m glad winter’s almost done.