Loose Joints


Wilson sky


snow no

Windy city? I’d call it bi-polar. It hurts when it’s Thursday and beautiful and you think you got a nice weekend coming, then by the time Saturday rolls around it’s back to freeze mode. This weekend wasn’t the worst. Skated till my knee’s hurt on Saturday with the neighborhood kids who live at the park. Most old guys I know, the older they get, the more they just want to skate bowls. Me, I just want to skate curbs and ledges. A bit out of shape from the winter, still it felt good to get a sweat going. Spent the rest of Saturday working on some projects and watching boxing. I’ll be posting those up later in the week. Sunday it snowed. Not just a light snow, enough to actually stick. Sunday night I went to the bar and had dinner with this guy..


Wayne works up by the Navy base and since they changed the Illinois tattoo age law, he’s been busier than ever. He did his first tattoo on me. He’s got some sharp shirts he’s making. I’ll let you know how to take a look when he gets them done. While we were eating, the Oscars were on and a slightly sauced girl kept yelling “I picked that one,” after the winners were announced. Really? She even picked the best animated short sound editing? I should’ve gotten her to pick some lotto numbers for me.
I got one of those camera phones and I found this picture on it. I’m not sure what it is or where or why or when I took it. I like it though.

I hope it gets warm again soon.

“Is it all over my face?”

Hell yeah.